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Smudge & Boo are our most valued family and friends.  Like other pet parents, we do our best to provide good food so that they can enjoy a healthy and happy life.


Even so, until recently, Smudge and Boo suffered from stomach upset and bad poop.  


Then I discovered the importance of probiotics and gut health, and now I quit my job and declared a war on bad poop, making natural feeds and snacks that help the gut health of pets and have less negative impact on the environment.


like all good stories
Our story started with this stinky shit.

I tried various feeds and ingredients for a long time, but I always suffered from stomach upset and bad poop. It seemed almost impossible to feed a high-quality feed with a high cost-effectiveness.


Whether it's a dog or a cat... you and your pets are great people and I believe there is nothing more wonderful than living with them.

Try feeding them with good nutrients from now on, even for a long, happy time together without getting sick.

Discover life

It was hard with ugly and smelly toilets.  
Through a probiotic prescription expensively prescribed by a veterinarian, I have experienced that probiotics can calm the sensitive intestines of my cat, Boo, and improve digestion.

It was an amazing experience, and through this we came up with the concept of the Scrambles business.


The health of cats and dogs as it is now
I've never been at risk.

A feed ingredient list is longer and more complex than a veterinarian's bill. Very often they contain meat or pea protein, even from obscure sources.


Scrambles is produced and produced with the desire to provide better things to our dogs and cats.

Dig into nutrition !

For a long time   I have been studying the nutrition of dogs and cats...

With the help of professional nutritionists, we have developed a recipe that provides the optimum taste and nutrients they love.


After nearly two years of testing and a lot of shit selfies~

Finally, Scrambles was born.

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