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No matter how good the feed, the global environment
It should never be destroyed.

If everyone eats well and lives well while sacrificing the precious global environment, all the damage will come back to us soon.  Scrambles makes good feed while having a positive impact on the global environment. Our business goal is to provide


Although the minimum carbon emission to produce good feed is unavoidable, Scrumbles carefully planned and produced products, including the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials and the use of eco-friendly production facilities while avoiding compromises and concessions on quality. .

good food shouldn't
cost the earth!

100% UK Made!


Human grade that people can eat!

Scrambles is manufactured and produced only in the UK, where human grade is legal, and all ingredients are sourced from farms in England and Ireland. 

B CORP Benefit Corperation Certification


B-CORP, a non-profit organization in the United States, certified as a company that faithfully fulfills its obligations of social responsibility, sustainable management,   This is a mark.  It is also a very difficult certification that only 4% of applicants pass   It is only possible to obtain social contribution certification.

In the Western world, it is used as an index to evaluate the most credible eco-friendly social enterprises, and certified companies are re-evaluated for compliance with the required standards every three years .


Scrambles has received the B-CORP certification and is returning profits and volunteering to the local community in various ways. We also support charitable activities by all our employees, and work with animal charities such as All Dogs Matter to donate feed and funds to animals in vulnerable environments.


Tasting Experts Smudge & Boo

European FEDIAF (European Association of Pet Industry Association) guidelines

complied with.  Vets, customer feedback

And work with a professional nutritionist.

We have an extensive database.

Using only the best materials and facilities

Produces quality food for companion animals 

Even to Smudge & Boo

Final approval has been obtained. :)

Eco-friendly packaging? Sure!

Waste from products that cannot be recycled can have a devastating effect on the environment and animals. Scientists estimate that about 8 million tons of similar substances are dumped into our beautiful oceans each year.


As a result of hard work and various campaigns (Friends of the Earth), new laws have been introduced in all EU countries to ban certain plastic products by the middle of 2021.

100% eco-friendly treats packaging

All Scrumbles feeds are produced exclusively in the UK using only UK and Irish meats.  The production facilities also use eco-ovens powered by wood chips, and are baked there. Carefully hand-wrapped into the following recyclable paper bags and containers.

The packaging may look a little wrinkled, but...

As the old saying goes that beauty is in it, it is all part of the beauty of eco-friendly packaging, and we at Scrambles are very proud of these creases. 

Eco-friendly wet & dry feed packaging

Like Treats packaging, the packaging of Scrambles wet feed is completely recyclable .

It uses proven FSC certified paper, and the tray itself is made of PP5. 

Recycled paper packaging is not suitable because the higher the meat content, the higher the moisture barrier of the packaging material.  Using the existing recycled paper packaging material may cause the meat to go rancid or deteriorate after a certain period of time, affecting product quality.


Scrambles dry food contains up to 77% meat.   Therefore, the mono PE bag , which can be completely recycled, is applied to all Scrumbles dry food packaging to avoid problems such as ink leakage and penetration, to maintain moisture barrier and product freshness.

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